Party Time

I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s in Royal Oak and we had a favorite party store we called the “Little Store” around the corner from us. The “Little Store” better known in those days as the D and D Market run by Desi and Don on 4th street between Campbell Road and Stephenson Highway, it is now the 4th Street Stop.

The tiny building was built in the 1920’s and some friends have talked about remembering a time when Anna was the proprietor.  Back in my day there was a stripped awning over the front façade and the beer, wine and kraft beer signage advertised Coca Cola.


D and D Market back in the day



My friends and I would bike there countless time through our childhood to buy penny candy and other treats which stretched along the long front counter.  We made regular visits for Marathon bars, Swedish fish, rabbits feet, Ring Pops, candy necklaces and of course Charlie’s Angels and Battlestar Galactica trading cards.  While there is no longer penny candy I do stop in now for my Powerball and Mega Millions tickets.

When I lived near Kimball, now Royal Oak, High School, I sometimes stopped into the Starr Market on 13 mile just west Crooks, seems like it has been there forever.


The Starr Market near the corner of 13 and Crooks

Another cool old party store that I have never visited but have often driven by is the Late Nite Party Store on Main, just south of Lincoln.


The fantastic façade of the Late Nite Party Store

These little gems are slowly disappearing but I’m happy to see Royal Oak still has a few cool little mom and pop markets, tucked into neighborhoods, that have survived.



Love in Bloom

Many years ago I purchased a tree for my front easement from the City of Royal Oak.  The City planted a beautiful Japanese Maple for me replacing a tree that had been removed many years before.

I was looking again at the Royal Oak Tree Planting Program for my current house and noted this time a section regarding memorial trees.  With the purchase of a memorial tree through the program, the city website notes, they will work to accommodate planting requests as well as provide a wooden block on which you can purchase and mount a plaque.  In driving around I noticed several memorial trees gracing the city.

In Barton Park South

The tree above, is planted in Barton Park South, tucked between the Emagine Theater and Barton Tower Senior Building on Troy street.  I found another in the median on Fourth Street,  and several others at the Royal Oak Arboretum connected to the Royal Oak Senior Community Center on Marais just north of 13 mile.

In the Fourth Street Median

Information on the City website states you can call for a list of trees available and planting takes place late April.  The trees are discounted so you will pay less than purchasing directly from the nursery and trees designated for city easements are planted by the city.  Trees purchased for private property are delivered and planting is up to the purchaser.  Here is a link to the city information on the tree planting program Royal Oak Tree Planting Program.

In honor of a teacher at the Royal Oak Arboretum