Sweet Music in Royal Oak

This summer Royal Oak was blessed with the gift of pianos.  The Royal Oak Commission for the Arts rolled out the 2017 Public Piano Project in the business district.

Donated pianos were turned into works of art and placed around local businesses for everyone to enjoy.


Beautifully decorated piano outside Ideation on 4th street


I spotted pianos at Holiday Market on Main Street just north of I-696/10 mile.  The newly created Eagle Plaza on Center Street next to the parking structure.  Main and 3rd were gifted two pianos on at Qdoba restaurant and the second out front of the Bright Ideas store.  A piano graces the west porch of the Farmer’s Market as well.  And last but not least our favorite, if not just because of its location, Gayle’s Chocolate.  Gayle’s piano was decorated by students at Keller Elementary.  Strange to type that, I’m a Helen Keller Junior High alum.

The pianos were fun to see and to play around on but while at Gayle’s I did hear someone quite talented indulging which was a treat.  What a great summer experience, I look forward to seeing what the Royal Oak Commission for the Arts has planned for next year.


The piano at Bright Ideas on the corner of Main and 3rd


Author: For the Love of Royal Oak

My name is Cindy and I have been a Royal Oak resident all my life I love exploring and celebrating this great city.

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